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Author of the Week: Selah Janel

This week I am proud to interview Selah Janel, the author of Mooner which was released January 23rd. If you have any additional questions or comments please include them in the comments below!

Like many young men at the end of the 1800s Bill has signed on to work in a logging camp to earn a fast paycheck to start his life. Unfortunately his role model is Big John, the camp’s golden boy known for blowing his pay as fast as he makes it. On a cold Saturday night they enter Red’s Saloon to forget the work that takes the sweat and the lives of so many. Red may have plans for their whiskey money, but something else lurks in the shadows, something that badly wants a drink that has nothing to do with alcohol. Can Bill make it back out the shabby door or does someone have their own plans for his future?

And Now Time For The Interview!!!!

 Where are you from?
I've lived throughout the Midwest and I've travelled to different places around the country for my other work - doing costume work for theatres. I'm just as happy in the city as I am small towns, but there is something to be said for small communities and being able to walk through woods and creeks. That's probably my inner romantic coming out, but I love the idea of those kinds of places. Plus, they harbor the best ideas!
 Tell us your latest news?
I released my first ebook, 'Mooner,' with No Boundaries Press in January. My next release, a contemporary piece about music and relationships called 'The Other Man' comes out in March! I'll be popping up in a few magazines in early spring and I've been writing a column on women's roles and portrayals in genre fiction and film for Fandom Scene, the official blog of the Fandom Fest convention. And of course I'm writing! I've got a lot going on and some days it feels like I have more ideas than time, but I'm really enjoying myself and all the people I'm meeting.
 When and why did you begin writing?
Stories have been a big part of my life for what feels like forever. I grew up in a small town community where everyone told tales on themselves or shared local legends, plus I was really fortunate to be around a few professional storytellers, as well. I always had the tendency to come up with the zaniest adventures when I was playing pretend or looking for things for my dolls to do. It wasn't unusual for me to be 'making books,' either - I still have some of those stories and they crack me up! When I got into theatre that sort of thing was put on the back burner, but I've always looked at characters I've played or designs I've done as more than just a role or a look. You have to know where a personality is coming from to really communicate who they are. Plus, I still wrote as a hobby and I finally realized that I shouldn't be denying myself the joy it gave me. I was scared to put myself out there and submit things I'd written and I finally realized that I was denying myself something that could make me really happy.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Oh, lord...the whole author vs. writer vs. whatever makes me uncomfortable anyway; I'm really not used to calling myself anything yet. I'm getting there and of course I'll tell people I'm a writer, but I feel more comfortable thinking of myself as a storyteller or a person who has a lot of stories in them.
 What inspired you to write your first book?
I really like history, especially those parts of American history that we tend to overlook. Growing up all my friends went to Disneyworld or the beach and my family went to places like old mining towns and Civil War battle sites. It took a while for me to appreciate what my parents were trying to do, but I eventually gravitated towards the humanizing aspects of the places we visited. There were so many stories about daily life or legends associated with the time period, and I love that. It's a shame that a lot of people aren't familiar with that sort of thing since national history is so much a part of a person. We'd never visited any lumber camps, but I've always been interested in pioneer history which led to mining towns and lumber camps. There are so many different personalities and mixed intentions in a place like that, and I really wanted to add in that mythical creature, that bogeyman in the woods type of character. In Mooner's case it's a vampire, but it's definitely not the modern, romantic vampire that we've gotten used to seeing. I get frustrated that with vampires lately it's all or none -- they're either these sexy, fangless characters or they're portrayed as mindless killing machines, and that's way too close to zombie lore for me. I wanted to hit that middle ground and make a vampire that was (or had been) human and had his own devices and drive, but not make him necessarily beautiful or romantic. He's intent on survival, just like any of the humans in the story.
 Do you have a specific writing style?
My close writing friends tell me that my style is to always change my style! I really go where an idea takes me, though I think I've been influenced a little here and there by writers like Ray Bradbury. I love his descriptions and how he always cuts through to the emotional truth in a scene. That resonnates with me and I find myself focusing on similar aspects, though in a very different way. But some manuscripts definitely have a more casual style than others, some have a gentler tone, etc. I found I had to be very specific about descriptions and settings because I was very aware that the historical element would be unfamiliar to a lot of people.
 How did you come up with the title?
I was fussing on some online educational dictionaries, trying to work with the vocabulary that's a big part of the story and I stumbled across the term. Mooner refers to a legendary creature or thing that was said to haunt or skulk around logging camps. Because the moon features heavily in early vampire lore I just loved it! It was absolutely the perfect title, even though I've gotten my share of jokes over it.

Is there a message in your story that you want readers to grasp?
I didn't set out to make it overtly moral, even though there are moral tones here and there in the story. I suppose you could say the message is to be a good person and watch the company you keep. Always keep your eyes open, or something like that. I find it more fascinating that even the most upright characters in this story are willing to use questionable methods to get their point across to a group of people that may or may not even care what they have to say.
 How much of the book is realistic?
I tried to be as accurate as I could with the historical element. Obviously since there is a paranormal element of the story I had to bend here and there to mesh everything together. I wouldn't use Mooner to write a paper, but I think it's a good introduction to the 1800s lumberjack lifetsyle. I hope it inspires people to look up information on that time period!

What books have most influenced your life most?
'Dandelion Wine' is one of my all-time favorites. I love the reminder that little things in life are important and magical, because someday you're not going to be there to experience them. I think as a whole we've let ourselves become desensitized to lot of wonderful things. Creatively, books like 'American Gods' or 'Imajica' have reminded me that it's okay to think big, it's okay to be that person who sees zany possibilities that other people may not catch right away. Madeline L'Engle's books have been a constant reminder that you can have strong women characters that are multi-faceted and wonderful. And I've always adored The Little House series and Heidi. They may seem simplistic but their messages about never giving up, the importance of family, and finding something to have faith in are so important.
 If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Ray Bradbury, all the way. He has this insane talent of making everything believable. While it is important to do your research, I think in some ways his sci-fi resonates more than titles that strive to be grounded in science. He's so good at using that as a setting or metaphor, but allowing the characters to shine through. His creepiest stories are creepy because you identify with something that's being felt by the characters. He works at such a core level that I find utterly brilliant. Plus, his short stories like Hopscotch and Medicine for Melancholy are so gentle and lovely. He's truly a master that knows how get the very best out of every idea he has.

What book are you reading now?
I've been on a Flavia De Luce kick - I just finished 'The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag.' I'm in awe of how fluid the plot is and how well-researched! Everything is believable and you have this wonderful balance of mystery and the conflict between Flavia and the rest of her family. Plus, she's such a nutcase! She's the perfect balance of eleven-year-old innocence and immaturity, brilliant detective/chemist, and all-around evil genius.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
I have a lot that I want to read and haven't yet. S.H. Roddey, Charles Day, Alexandra Christian, Cherie Reich, Morgan Shamy  -- we're at a point now where there are so many talented names just starting to come out, too many to name! My hope is that those I've mentioned (and others I'm still discovering) don't get covered up by all the new stuff coming out every day, because truly I've seen some fabulous things from these people! Besides getting my own work out there, this has been the most awesome aspect of writing to me. I love the community and discovering other writers.
What are your current projects?
I'm polishing a novella that combines the structure and  true love/romantic parts of chick lit and blends them with horror. I'm also finishing up a story that I guess you could call rock n' roll conspiracy theory. I am a huge music geek so that one is a lot of fun for me to play with. And I'm working on finishing my first novel, which is this wild blend of fairy tale elements turned on their head. It takes everything we're familiar with and puts it all outside the characters' comfort zone in hilarious ways.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.
I have an incredible group of friends. There's a core group of people that really gets me, and if I'm in one of my worry-wart phases all I have to do is text and they're willing to shake some sense back into me. They've been there for me through a hell of a lot and are just an amazing, warm, supportive group that believes in me. Plus they're used to my humor and can take some of the wilder things that pop out of my mouth in stride!
 Do you see writing as a career?
I really hope so. I'm taking things one step at a time and trying not to over think or get focused on the end goal. Right now I just want to keep producing stories that hopefully people like and identify with.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
I don't think so. I'm really pleased with the suspenseful tone and the balance of plot and historical aspects. I feel like none of the elements run over the others, so for me it's a success.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I was always encouraged to read a lot. During summer vacations I practically lived at the library. I was interested in stories, anyway, so it seemed very natural to start trying to write them down. As I got older I loved the writing assignments we got in school that everyone else hated!
 Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Here's an excerpt from Mooner:
For a moment, Bill thought he was imagining things or was having a particularly bad reaction to the rot gut. Blinking a few times refocused his tired gaze and proved there was, indeed, a moving pile of…something at a table close to the other end of the bar.

Nancy shuffled back towards the bar, casting a wary look over her shoulder. “Red, he’s back,” she breathed as she scooped up another tray and fled to the other side of the room. Upon closer inspection, the youth realized it wasn’t a pile of something, but a figure draped in a patchwork of skins then cloaked with half-torn, moldy furs. Most who passed his way quickly avoided him, though whether it was because of his odd looks or his smell, it was hard to say.

Red hissed through his teeth and ran a sweating hand through his thick mane. “Tom Haskins,” he mumbled under his breath for the benefit of those crowded round him.

“I thought he lived on the edge of town,” Jack replied as he glared down the length of the bar.

“He tried to start a dry goods store, and it didn’t go over too well. He had it in his mind he could make up his loss with fur, though he ain’t no trapper. He moved out to the woods weeks ago and comes into town every so often to hang round and get his fix. Just when I think he’s finally died out there, he comes round again.” Not once did the saloon proprietor take his eyes off the body hunched over a table. Every breath made Tom’s ragtag cloak shudder, and every moldy hair on him quivered.

“You want me to kick him out?” Jack offered, already shifting his weight across the room.

“Nah, let him warm up at least. He doesn’t do much; just pesters everyone for drink now that he can’t afford it for himself. Give him time, and he’ll be up to his tricks.”

Bill couldn’t stop looking away. The pile of sloughed animals slumped as the man’s head rose. His skin was a cold grey and stretched taught across his face and hands. His hair had all but fallen out, but what was still left of it hung in clumps of long, ragtag strands that were paler than dried straw. His thin-lipped mouth was open and he sucked in air in painful, erratic pants.

“Look at ‘im! Actin’ like a piglet pulled away from its ma’s teat!” Big John sneered. “I bet his clothes are fulla maggots!”

“It’s too cold for maggots,” Ben snorted. “His clothes are thin. Wonder how the hell he stands bein’ out in the woods in weather like this.” “We do it,” Bill muttered. The recluse’s head jerked at the sound of his voice; the young man immediately snapped his mouth shut.

“Yeah, but we’re used to it! And younger’n he ever was!” John’s voice was purposefully loud and carried the haughty tone that won him admiration from the other loggers. “He’s durn crazy, that’s why he don’t notice.” He cocked his head Tom’s way with a sneer. “All that time on your own turn you yaps, man?”

Tom’s head very slowly shifted towards them, and Bill shuddered. There were days he’d survived the logging camp and the extreme conditions by will power and prayer alone, all the while wondering in the back of his head what it would be like if he didn’t have even that. Looking at the vagrant, he knew.

Ben was cursing behind them. “I saw him not more than a month ago and he didn’t look like that. Solitary life don’t turn a man in that short a’ time! Maybe he’s got rabies or fever n’ ague.”

Tom’s eyes sat so far back in his skull, it was impossible to tell what color they were, though they harbored a steady, unsettling gleam. They roved over the huddled group, searching hungrily for an easy mark. Bill’s heart plummeted to his boots when the hollow glitter locked onto him. He was suddenly as cold as he was when a seventh-year blizzard hit. All the frustrations and hell he’d endured since joining the logging team, all his good intentions and reasons, all he was trying to move forward to, swelled and jumbled together in a brief, howling wind of thought. The two distant stars in Tom’s eyes were the only thing that pegged him as a stable man in his otherwise rotting and dozy appearance.

All around the little group, the saloon’s weekend life went on. The distant sound of swearing and dice clattering across the floor mixed with discordant harmonies and a half-hearted mouth organ. But in the area by the bar, all was muffled and still. It was like the snows had come without warning over the forest, smothering everything in their path with chilled silence. Bill shuddered, and out of the corner of his eye, noticed Red do the same.

“You want I should knock his ears down, Red?” John’s bravado was the sudden yell that knocked the snow from the treetops, for better or ill. He had the relaxed look of a man who’d been in his cup just enough to throw caution to the wind. “I’ll toss him out and give ‘im a pat on the lip he won’t forget!”

“Leave be, John,” the barkeep muttered. His hand never stopped wiping down the bar. Though his head was tilted down towards his task, his eyes were set on their target across the room.

“What…what you want me to do for a drink?” At first it didn’t register that that thing, that man, had actually spoken. His voice was high and reedy, and cracked the way the thinnest ice along the river did.


“What you want me to do for a drink?” His lips cracked when his mouth moved. A thin trail of spittle dripped off his lower lip and was quickly caught up by the tip of the derelict’s seeking tongue. The distant gleam in Tom’s eyes burned as his mouth formed the last word. Otherwise, it was hard to even say how he’d made it into the saloon; he looked more than a little dim.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
I tend to have a sideways way of looking at things, so a lot of the time I'm asking readers to really suspend their belief as to how the world works and what people are capable of.  But I think that's a good thing. So much of what we're exposed to these days is really formulaic, and I love turning genres and expectations on their heads.
 Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?
Right now, no. I'll be in Louisville in June for Fandom Fest/ Fright Night Film Fest / Midamerica Comic Con. I'm hoping to be able to do more cons and go more places as I release more work, because I love events like that and I love to travel!

Who designed the covers?
Dakota Trace - she is a mad genius! She's so good at taking random snippets of images that I may have floating in my head and turning them into a cover that exactly matches the vibe of the story.
 What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The language. I love the lumber camp vocabulary and syntax. It's so rough and crass, but really musical. Still, it was not the easiest thing to write and it was the main element that gave me fits and sent me back to different dictionaries time and again. I wanted to use a lot of it, but I also had to find a way to work the definitions or intentions into the manuscript so people wouldn't get confused. As a back-up measure, I ended up doing a post on my blog where I did a full vocabulary list for people who were interested.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
I'm capable of more than I thought I was. Every time I started to get discouraged with where the story was going I would remind myself that I could totally handle the different elements and make them into a cohesive whole. There really is something to be said for believing in yourself and taking things one step at a time.
 Do you have any advice for other writers?
Read all sorts of things, not just what you happen to like.  Write a lot. I had to learn that not everything I was writing was worth submitting.  Live a lot of life - those experiences and the emotions they'll make you feel will help your stories a lot. But definitely understand that for every JK Rowling there's a lot of other writers who are just as good who haven't reached that level of success. My point is that you should write (or do anything) because you really love it, and the rest will come. At some point you have to let go of the end goal and focus on the journey.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
I truly appreciate anyone who takes a moment of their time to check out my work. Plus, I always welcome people's opinions and feedback. It's so easy to read and enjoy a book or a story, but especially for new authors it's important to let us know! And no matter what your opinions, I always welcome the support.
You can find me at the following places:
facebook author page:

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Devotion Blog Tour Stop: Review and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Devotion Review Tour!

First I would like to say Thank You to Kristie for allowing me to review Devotion for her and be a part of this amazing tour!

There is a giveaway at the end of my review for an eCopy of Devotion (provided by Kristie!)

                                     Now are ready for my review?


Title: Devotion
Series: Soul Savers #3
Author: Kristie Cook
Genre: Young Adult (Older Teen) Fiction, Supernatural Fiction
Elements: Witches, Vampires, Faeries, Shapeshifters, Warlocks, Angels, Demons, Sorceresses
Publisher: Ang'dora Productions
Format: eARC
Release Date: February 10, 2012
Source: Author {Kristie Cook}
Rating: 5/5

Tagline(s): When secrets and betrayals abound, where will her devotion lie?

Summary: With powerful abilities gained from the Ang’dora and Tristan back by her side, Alexis thinks she’s ready for the next challenge— protecting her son from what appears to be the inevitable. But she has so much to learn about her powers, her new world and the people in it. Nothing is what it seems to be on the surface, including the Amadis. 

Power-hungry politicians comprise the council and make impossible demands. A traitor lurks among them all, inciting trouble that could destroy the Amadis and, ultimately, humanity. The Daemoni wreak havoc in the human world, with the ultimatum that they’ll continue attacking innocents until Alexis and Tristan are expelled from the Amadis’ protection. The couple’s own society begins to shut them out. But that’s not all.

Someone’s keeping a secret. A big one. Faith and hope in Alexis and Tristan will be restored if she can uncover the truth in time.

But the search for answers leads only to the discovery of more betrayals by those closest to Alexis. Her devotion is put to the test—devotion to her husband, to her family, to her people and to her beliefs—leaving her to question whom she’s fighting for and why she should even bother. But if she won’t fight . . . who will?


In Devotion Tristan and Alexis once again go through so much more than I could have imagined. Alexis and Dorian have finally been reunited with Tristan and starting to live life and a normal family. Well as normal of a family that you can in their situation. Before you know it they are running for their lives from the Deamoni again. It seems like no matter where they go they Deamoni are lying in wait for them. But finally they find a place where they can once again start to live life like they deserve when it is all screwed up again. During Alexis’s stay on the Amadis Island she learned something about a little girl being hid somewhere, but nothing else. With the Amadis pressuring her and Tristan about the next Amadis leader, Alexis starts to think that the girl is in relation to her. Well they finally found the girl in the marshes and then the story takes a turn for the worse. Tristan is blamed for being a traitor (which we all knew was coming). But all the while the traitor was lying in wait to be revealed.
Holy Hell Kristie has done it again! Devotion had me hooked from page one all the way until the end. I really wish that I had more to read in the story of Tristan, Alexis, and Dorian RIGHT now but I don’t so I will have to wait lol. Poor Alexis, Tristan, and Dorian! They go through so much in this novel that pushes their relationships to the brink of disaster. But in the end the three manage to pull through all the hardships with their love still intact. But it’s not the end of the line by all means (at least it better not be). Alexis, Tristan, and Dorian have a very long road ahead of them and I personally cannot wait to see how their lives turn out.
If you have not read these books yet, you seriously need to drop what you are doing and them up ASAP! You will not regret it at all!

About this Author:

Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle. She can be found at

Connect with Kristie Cook:
Author's Website & Blog:
Signed paperbacks:

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Indie Author Of The Week: B.C. Morin

I would like to welcome B.C. Morin to the blog for this week! She is the author of Mark Of The Princess which released this month! I myself have not had the chance to read her book but it sounds amazing! Now we will get down to the interview!

Where are you from?

Miami, Fl.

Tell us your latest news?

I will hopefully have the paperback version available next week !!
When and why did you begin writing?

I used to write poetry in Middle School and in High School. Towards my Senior year I started writing more short stories. I started b/c it was always a way to express myself and even as a release. 
When did you first consider yourself a writer?

That one is kind of tough. I was published for poetry in High School and I still didn't consider myself a writer. I thought I was just a kid whose poem they liked ! lol.  I would have to say that the closer I got to finishing my manuscript for Mark of the Princess, the more I considered myself a writer.
What inspired you to write your first book?

I was at my sister-in-law's sweet 15 and it was renaissance themed. I thought it would be so cool to know of a world that was actually magical and renaissance-ish. (is that a word ? lol)
Do you have a specific writing style?

I would probably say that my style is action centered, fun, constantly moving, and kind of romantic.
How did you come up with the title?

I actually had another title (which I can't reveal b/c I may still use it for one of the others), but I really wanted it to reflect one of the main points of the story yet still be kind of mysterious.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

That everyone has the power to fight, and when you fight, then you may overcome. Not everything turns out the way we want it to. But if you take what life gives you and make the best of it, then you have a fighting chance.
How much of the book is realistic?

I would say that parts of my character's personalities are very realistic.
What books have most influenced your life most?

WOW, that one varies alot .... I'd have to say The Bible, The Harry Potter Series, Eragon, The Mortal Instruments, and to a certain extent most of the books I have ever read b/c in one way or another they always took me somewhere, and kept my imagination going.
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

That one is a tie between J.K. Rowlings and Cassandra Clare.
What book are you reading now?

I know I'm a little late, but I just started The Hunger Games :)
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Not sure if they are new, but discovered in the last year or two : Alexandra Adornetto, Julie Kagawa, Lauren Kate, Chloe Niell (I know she isn't new, but I discovered and liked her Dark Elite series last year), Becca Fitzpatrick, Alyson Noël
What are your current projects?

I am currently working on Book 2 of The Kingdom Chronicles
Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

There is a select few friends that loved Mark of the Princess before it was even completed and published and encouraged me.
Do you see writing as a career?

Yes, I would LOVE that !
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

No :)
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I just get a story in my head and I HAVE to get it on paper or a computer.
Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Shakily, Alannah got to her feet, trembling slightly from head to toe.
The long dark robe, the sorcerer’s hood, the long white beard …. I know him, she thought.
“MALIGO!” she yelled recognizing his intense dark eyes. “You did this?”
Maligo simply smirked raising an eyebrow.
“My father will find you and kill you for what you have done.” She said to him solemnly.
Maligo towered over her, a leering smile twisting his dark face.
 “You would have to consider yourself lucky if you ever see your father again. Even if it is while he watches me take your life.” He snarled, allowing a haughty smirk creep across his face.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Making sure that I do not get ahead of myself.
Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?

No, but I would like to someday.
Who designed the covers?

My husband. He has done all the amazing work on my fan page as well :)
What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Editing :)
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

From the writing itself, I learned that I really cannot get enough of telling a story.
From finishing the writing, I learned that the editing process never really ends... lol
Do you have any advice for other writers?

I read a quote once that I share with all my other author friends ..... The only difference between a writer and a published author is that the published author never gave up. ... So I say to them... Never give up.
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I appreciate you all more than you know ! Your encouraging words, your support, everything you do is GREATLY loved and appreciated.
I do this for you all !

If you have any questions or comments for B.C. please make sure to leave them here in the comments section!

 The feisty and determined faerie Princess Alannah is many things, but she never thought she would be the key to her people’s destruction.

Kidnapped for a power she does not yet possess, Alannah finds herself in the clutches of the most malevolent sorcerer of her time. Maligo. Alannah escapes her prison with help from the handsome and stalwart warrior faerie, Brennus.

Now she must cross mountains and forests fraught with rogue faeries, vicious Fae-hating trolls, dangerous shape-shifters, and more to reach the only ones that can help her control her incoming powers. The Elder Faeries.

With Brennus by her side, Alannah is determined to reach the Elder Faeries and save her people. Maligo is just as determined she never makes it that far.

 And now.......a Giveaway!!! B.C. had kindly offered 6 bookmarks, a beautiful candle, and a e-copy of her book Mark of the Princess!!!! 


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Indie Author Of The Week!

I am proud to introduce Mr. Gaiven Clairmont as our first Indie Author here at Autum's Bitchin' Book Reviews!! We are going to have a awesome interview with him and then if you have any questions or comments please comment below!

Where are you from?

I'm from the island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, an island with a population of about 1.3 million people who make up a kaleidoscope of cultures and a blend of ethnicities, we're the most southern island in the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezeula.

Tell us your latest news?

Well I recently released my first novel, an erotic thriller entitled Reality, Dreams and Nightmares as an ebook on January 20th 2012.

When and why did you begin writing?

I started writing in my teens around 16, I started off with poems first then short stories, I'd fallen in love with a girl so most of my work was along the themes of romance (not erotica though). I stopped when I was about 17 after I lost all my work on my computer and floppy disks. 

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

It was when I started back writing when I was 23, I realised I had a passion for it and the following year when I turned 24 I really this was what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing

What inspired you to write your first book?

Well it wasn't one specific theme which inspired it, it was more about the fact that I wanted to show myself I could finish something I started. In 2011 I started about 6 novels some erotic some non erotic, but I couldn't seem to finish them for one reason or the other. Finally with Reality, Dreams and Nightmares I was able to see the novel through to the end, so it was more my motivation to prove I was indeed a writer and I was indeed born to this which inspired my first book.

Do you have a specific writing style?

Yes I do actually, because of my back ground in poetry I tend to have a more poetic style of writing, whether it be love scenes or not I try to keep that style consistently throughout my writing and it's especially evident in my first novel. I also have a collection of erotic stories, but it's a little less evident there I must admit.

How did you come up with the title?

Well it was when I was midway between the book, due to the slightly mysterious nature of the book as it being a suspense as well as an erotica. I thought Reality, Dreams and Nightmares was the perfect title for it as the book is based on a dream which when it's found out to be a reality turns out to be a nightmare for the main character.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Well there are a few undertones in the book like issues dealing with love in terms of how much can you love a person, also the elements of love like passion, trust and forgiveness.

How much of the book is realistic?

None actually it's 100% fictional.

What books have most influenced your life most?

Hmm it would have to be The Chrysalids by John Wyndam, The Last Don and The Godfather by Mario Puzo, The Almonds and Raisins Trilogy by Massie Moscoe and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Well I'd want to narrow it down to three like Paulo Coelho because his work is so inspirational and poetic, John Grisham for his ability to tell engaging stories and Eric Jerome Dickey because his blend of poetry, suspense and erotica is unparalleled in the literary field.
But if I had to choose one it would be Eric Jerome Dickey I think he's a truly special writer.

What book are you reading now?

I'm reading By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept by Paulo Coelho.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Yes actually there are a couple the author of this book I just finished reading entitled Divergent, then there's also some urban writers like Imani True co-author of Strawberries, Stilletos and Steam and A Little Sumthing Sumthing, Red Snapper an urban author with several titles to his name from erotic to the paranormal, and Tabriel Kins author of Love Storms just to name a few.

What are your current projects?

Well write now I'm in the process of putting together an anthology of inspirational stories and poetry as well as I'm working on my second novel a poetic look in the life of a young man who must move from tragedy to triumph in the space of 5 days if he's to achieve his destiny, it's an inspirational novel it's currently untitled at the moment.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

To be honest because of some of my erotic writing I don't have a lot of support from my family members outside my immediate family, so my friends and readers on facebook are basically my family and my support system.

Do you see writing as a career?

Definitely I'm giving my all into this while I'm still young so that I have no regrets when I get older, I'm currently finishing up my law degree but my passion and what I see myself doing from now till the day I die is writing. I'm not naive in the sense that I expect to be fed with silver or gold spoons. I know it'll be a struggle but I'm prepared to go through the trials in order to get where I need to get to at the end of the day.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

Nope nothing really, I might have cut out some more of the sex scenes but the scenes aid in the plot of it though.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I always loved to read growing up and I knew at some point I'd be drawn into writing, I was just a bit scared of it growing up, but I have huge ambitions and I knew to achieve them I'd have to get over my fear of writing.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Sure here's a poem from my upcoming inspirational anthology

Being More Than A Man Part II

The question is?

To be more than you were born with
Or born into

To be more than this world has pre-ordained for you

Be more than your predecessors
Be more than the words others have cast your way

Build yourself
Your name
Your principles
So that they are likened unto mountains
That they become pillars to time eternal

For when you are dead and gone
All that’ll be left is your name
And what it stood for

So be not confined to society’s prisons
Free your mind
And free yourself
And you will be more than a man
You will be an idea
An ideal that’ll influence others for generations to come
Be that and you will turn the knob to your own destiny
And walk through the door of your own immortality.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Probably it was in suspense writing in terms of developing a character without selling out a secret he's hiding.

Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?

Well so far my first novel was based in my country Trinidad and Tobago, but I do plane to definitely do some travelling when I write my other novels.

Who designed the covers?

I have a genius of a younger cousin who's 16 right now, he designs my covers and book trailers, his name is Dmitri Brereton

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

There wasn't anything hard about it except that it turned out to be much longer than I intended it to be I kept adding twists to it when I felt it might get a bit boring thus add to the suspense of it, but it was just the continuous typing (laughs)

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

I think before I did my novel I flirted with different writing styles, but when I was writing I realised to be true to myself and my craft I needed to write completely in a poetic, melodious style and that's the style I'll adapt in all my future work.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

To get your dreams you have to be willing not to just bleed, but die for your belief, your work ethic must be driven by your passion to succeed or else you will fail. Protect your dreams and keep on persevering until one out of two things happen you die and meet your maker or you achieve what you set out to achieve.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Without you there would be no me, all the words of encouragement have helped fuel my appetite for the success I know I'll achieve. So an immense thanks goes out not to just the readers but everyone who helped fuel this desire inside of me, by sharing my work with friends putting me on to people in the field, everything has been truly appreciated by this young author and may God continue to richly bless each and every one of you and your families.

And here is where you can find him!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Chatty with Pheonix and Madison from The Road To Hell Series!!!

Chatty with Phoenix and Madison
From the Road to Hell Series
By Gracen Miller

Autum: Today we have two guests…but not at the same time. Phoenix and Madison from the Road to Hell series are stopping by, and I think I see our first guest now. Hi, Phoenix, welcome. We’re really glad you were able to stop by today. If it’s okay we’d like to ask you a few questions?

Nix: Glad to be here, thanks for inviting me. Call me Nix, all my friends do. I’m an open book, sweetheart, so ask away.

Autum: First of all, where did you meet Madison? I always love to hear where people meet, was it romantic?

Nix: I wouldn’t call it romantic. Definitely not. *shakes head* My aunt—who is a psychic—received an accidental phone call from Mads—that’s my nickname for Madison—about her son who was acting psychotic.  Amos was only five, so Aunt Georgie was pretty upset and she deployed me and my uncle the very next day. Amos was trying to kill Mads when we arrived. Had a knife to her neck, so you could say we arrived in the “Nix of time”. *chuckles at his own joke*

Autum: Wow! Anything but huh? What did you think when you walked into that mess? That poor little boy!

Nix: I wasn’t sure what to think. It followed no demonic MO that we knew. And after growing up in this business, we’d seen a lot of madness. It became evident pretty earlier on that solving her problem wouldn’t be easy. But I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress. *winks* No way could I leave a mother alone to fight supernatural forces. And Amos, well, he’s a cool kid when he’s acting normal.  

Autum: I guess you had your work cut out for you! But I also understand your family is involved in the work you do?

Nix: Yes, we’re all in the Sherlock business. Dedicated to making the world safer.

Autum: Does that make it hard? I mean you must really worry about everyone you love dealing with such difficult and dangerous work.

Nix: I’d love a normal life, but I figure even then I’d find a reason to worry about my family. At least in this business, I know who’s watching my back and we keep each other safe. If something happened to them…*expression darkens*

Autum: Nix, I understand you made a huge sacrifice in Pandora’s Box. Would you like to discuss it a little?

Nix: *rubs nape* All I’ll say is sometimes we make huge mistakes for the one’s we love.
Autumn: Well Phoenix is gone, but our next guest has arrived. Welcome, Madison, won’t you have a seat?

Madison: Thanks. *settles into a chair and crosses ankles*

Autum: If you’re comfy, the first thing I think our readers would like to know is how you coped with all the problems in your life before you met Phoenix and his family. Weren’t you at your wits end?

Madison: Not knowing what’s wrong with your child, is the worst thing a parent can suffer. And I was alone. No husband to lean on and no family either. I was terrified. By the time Nix and his family showed up on my doorstep, things had escalated and I was about two steps from falling apart.

Autum: And how would you say they changed things for the better?

Madison: I had answers. Even if I didn’t like those answers, I still had them. At least I wasn’t blind to what was going on. It’s hard to fight the supernatural when you have no idea it’s out there. Harder still to discover it’s taken over the direction of your life.

Autum: You’re a widow I believe?

Madison: No, I’m not a widow. *shakes head* My husband walked out on me shortly after Amos turned two. I think being a widow would’ve been easier than knowing my husband didn’t want us any longer.

Autum: How would you complete this sentence? “I can die happy when…”: 

Madison: If you’d asked me that six months ago, I’d have said anytime just to keep the world safe. Not any longer. I can die happy only when I know my son is safe and capable of taking care of himself.


I hope you enjoyed getting inside the head of Madison and Nix from the Road to Hell series. You can read the first three chapters of Pandora’s Box and Hell’s Phoenix, on my blog at:

For a limited time, Pandora’s Box (book one in the series) is available for .99 cents at Amazon. Book two in the series, Hell’s Phoenix, releases February 17th in e-book format at online stores everywhere. Pandora’s Box is a must read before picking up Hell’s Phoenix, as they are a linear storyline about the same characters and book 2 picks up immediately where book 1 left off.

Leave a comment for a chance to win your choice of one of the Road to Hell Series themed buttons/pins pictured below…but PLEASE leave your email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner!!! Winner will be drawn on February 8th, sometime after noon CST.

Thanks for having Nix and Madison with you today, Autum!


Where you can stalk me—not really!—but I would love to meet and interact with you:

Pandora’s Box Buy Links:

Pandora’s Box Blurb:

Where does the road to Hell begin?

What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight and your husband disappears on his way to work? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn't believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a world she didn't know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections.

With good intentions? Or by demonic design?

Phoenix Birmingham bursts into Madison’s life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has decreed, but only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. Even with Phoenix's aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail while they pay the crucial price with their souls?

In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind's liberty has begun...

Hell’s Phoenix Blurb:

Hell’s become more than just a playground for the wicked…

Going to Hell was supposed to save Madison, but knowing she’s dead because of his failure leaves Nix with only one thing to live for. Revenge. With Micah’s help he learns to use his Messianic power. Anything for Mads has become his mantra, even if it means killing innocents to gather the power he needs to succeed. A tsunami he unleashes on a Gulf Coast city is stopped with magical interference, and Nix is more than surprised to feel Madison in the opposing magic. Can he and Micah set a trap to lure her out?

Pandora’s Box…once you open it, there’s no turning back!

Madison has done the unthinkable, opened Pandora’s Box to save Nix from Hell. And failed. She’s willing to risk her own life to rescue Nix, but she worries about the welfare of her accomplice in the mission and leaving her son behind. Following up on a lead, she’s ambushed by Nix and Micah. Shocked and hurt to discover Nix has become a willing participant of Hell, she’s more certain than ever she won’t escape the demonic fate her husband outlined for her. While in Hell, she discovers denying the emergence of her succubus is futile, which means getting Nix out of Hell after embracing her inner demon just became a very real dilemma…