Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Genesis by Kristie Cook

This book spans what seems like hundreds of years and it’s amazing how Kristie was able to take you from one decade to the next and you not even realize it until it was going on to the next. Every time change flows right into the next and I think that it worked beautifully!  At the beginning you will hear about the story of Andrew who was cast out of Heaven because of his love for Zoe, a mere human woman who he was sent to protect. From there it goes onto much later in life with Andrew and his two children Cassandra and Jordan. From there Andrew “goes home” and Cassandra and Jordan learn the true reason why they are so different. They set out on completely different paths, Jordan to a much dark path and Cassandra to a bright path filled with love. Thanks to Jordan and his need to rule all of the darkness in the world, also known as hell, with his Deamoni family he tricks his sister and niece into drinking an elixir, but it turned oh so wrong. From that point on the Amadis was created, completely different from the Deamoni (hells army) the Amadis is God’s army.

I was doing my best above to recount what I could tell you about this amazing Novella! I tried my hardest not to put in any spoilers so hopefully that worked out to my advantage. This book was seriously amazing! It explains every question I have ever had about the Deamoni and the Amadis. It is truly an amazing adventure that Kristie takes you on. Cassandra has to be the most loving person I have ever read about and Jordan the exact opposite. I am usually attracted to the evil bad boys but Jordan was just too much for me. He was an awesome character though. Without him the story would have been boring and uninteresting to me. If you plan on reading The Soul Savers series ever in the future you NEED to start with this book! It helps clarify things as you are reading Promise…..I promise! Lol.

4.5/5 Stars

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