Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Promise by Kristie Cook

I first must say that I already knew how fabulous this book is! I just needed to reread to make sure I am ready for Devotion when it releases soon.

Now with that said I am going to attempt to tell you all why this is sooooooo amazing!!!

In Promise, Kristie does an amazing job of making her characters seem so real! Alexis is a fabulous female lead and Tristan….well what can I say. He’s mysterious and sexy and completely irresistible!!! The relationship that forms between Alexis is awesome and it grows just as fast as Alexis in this book. And it’s not like BANG! Done. Nope they literally let their relationship grow until they couldn’t take it anymore! Now I am having a hell of a time trying to do this review without spoiling it for all of you guys so I will just say this…..READ THIS BOOK NOW!!!!!!! You have to get this immediately and while you are at it…..You mise well get Purpose too because if you don’t you are going to regret it!

5/5 Stars

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